What People Are Saying About Shaktea

Heli-Claire Witherspoon

Do you ever ship your kombucha? I have been craving it and nothing I have found in San Francisco has satisfied my craving like Shaktea Kombucha.

Heli-Claire Witherspoon
Sara Hawthorne

Whenever I am feeling under the weather I go straight to Everybody’s and grab a Ginger Blush Shaktea Kombucha. It settles my stomach, gives me some energy, and all around makes me feel better! I swear it keeps me healthy through our long Iowa winters!

Sara Hawthorne
Heather Miller-Rodriguez

Ever since we added Shaktea Kombucha on tap at our cafe it’s been a customer favorite.  Some weeks we barely get a new keg in before it’s tapped out!

Heather Miller-RodriguezCafe Paradiso
Soren Pearson

I like Shaktea Kombucha because it’s organic and tastes so fresh compared to other brands of kombucha. Also, it’s made locally here in Fairfield and I like to support local businesses.

Soren Pearson

Organic Brewed Soda - Jack’s Real Root Beer - Coming Soon!

Who likes root beer? How about organic handcrafted root beer? Jack’s Real Root Beer is the first brew in our artisan organic soda line – and will be the only root beer on the market that is both certified organic and brewed with whole, herbs, root and spices (not made with an extract).  Jack took some time developing and perfecting this recipe — it’s not overly sweet, definitely a little spicy and has a complex flavor that keeps unfolding. We are working to bring this REAL root beer to you in bottles very soon!

Kickstarter Follow-up

Our kickstarter campaign has ended and while we did not reach our goal, we have been very pleased with the results of our campaign.

First, over 130 of our friends, family and complete strangers signed up to pledge support — we are very appreciative of this vote of confidence for our products! Thank you!

Second, we’ve been able to share our story — a number of media outlets featured our products and campaign. As a result, new business partnerships and opportunities have emerged that will allow us to take our next steps and grow Shaktea Kombucha and Jack’s Real Root Beer.

Our next steps: We are in the process of developing our new facility and moving forward with increased production. We will keep everyone up to date as our new products hit the shelves.