Our Mission

We believe coming together with family and friends over food and drink should be a life-enhancing experience.  We know it takes dedication and commitment to establish healthy habits as a family, but believe the long-term benefits are significant. That’s why we are committed to providing a superior-tasting product made from the best ingredients available.  We hope our products encourage and support you and your family to lead an active, balanced and rich life.

Brewing Up Positive Change

Projects We Support

We are committed to brewing up positive change in our local and global community.  We know what we eat and drink has a profound impact on pressing issues like childhood obesity, environmental sustainability, and the ways we farm.  This is why we insist our products are certified USDA organic, why we support local music and bike festivals and why we are thrilled our customers have replaced sugary drinks with our healthier alternatives.

We take our commitment one step further by donating 1% of our revenue to support projects that that offer children education and access to fresh whole foods in schools. This year we are supporting The Greenhouse Project – our local foods Farm to School initiative.