Our Story

Our family began brewing kombucha over 10 years ago. Out of a shared passion for health and a desire to forge a business as a family, we launched Shaktea Kombucha in June of 2011. We are truly a family-run business and the three of us (mom – Deb,  brother – Jack, and sister – Meghan) handle all aspects of our kombucha brewery and business.

We insist on using the finest fair trade teas, all organic ingredients and small-batch brewing to craft our high-quality taste.  We offer our product as “Nature’s Healthy Soda Alternative” because we are committed to providing a superior health beverage with a taste that appeals to everyone.   We’ve been thrilled to receive feedback from many of our customers who’ve managed to kick their soda habit by replacing it with Shaktea Kombucha. Shaktea Kombucha is now available at 30 retail market locations across Iowa.

Next Steps for Shaktea

Our kickstarter campaign has ended and while we did not reach our goal, we have been very pleased with the results of our campaign.

First, over 130 of our friends, family and complete strangers signed up to pledge support — we are very appreciative of this vote of confidence for our products! Thank you!

Second, we’ve been able to share our story — a number of media outlets featured our products and campaign. As a result, new business partnerships and opportunities have emerged that will allow us to take our next steps and grow Shaktea Kombucha and Jack’s Real Root Beer.

Our next steps: We are in the process of developing our new facility and moving forward with increased production. We will keep everyone up to date as our new products hit the shelves.